“You do great work and provide key strategies in helping people succeed in selling their strengths through communication.”

Why Confident Career Woman for Individuals?

“I landed the job and I highly recommend Ericka Spradley! I actually told my daughter (who is in college) that she MUST work with Ericka! She takes the interview process into small bites and choreographs your answers to fit into the job you’re applying for. What a brilliant way to help you stand out! If you are serious about landing your job, you need Ericka! Ericka prepares you not just for the actual interview performance but also your mental readiness. Trust Coach Ericka, let her lead you into your success!”

“I am inspired to say that even though your training is successful in helping people to impress employers during an interview, the training has a much deeper effect. With the techniques that I learned from you, I was able to not only get hired by many more new clients, but also relate to myself as a person of value. That new way of seeing myself colors the way I live my life, how I allow people to treat me and what I stand for.”

“I had my last interview on Monday and an offer was extended on Tuesday. I accepted the offer….YAY ME!!! The session gave me the boost of confidence I was lacking.”

“Good morning Ericka!! It took 5 months of searching and four interviews with the same company but I landed a great job. I am so excited and wanted to share the news with you. Thank you so much for all of your help, the great advice and the articles.”

“You do great work and provide key strategies in helping people succeed in selling their strengths through communication.”

“I actually told my parents yesterday that you made me feel like I could take over the company one day”

“I GOT the job and negotiated for a better salary. I am so excited! Thank you!!! I owe this all to GOD and you.”

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Why Confident Career Woman for Organizations?

“Your presentation was excellent! Loved the exercise; instant skill builder and how to improve the interview experience”

“I just wanted to thank you for your workshop, it was excellent, and you are so personable and sharp. It was a delight to meet you. Thank you for offering to answer additional questions that is so generous of you.”

“Great presentation, great connection to us as your students and audience. Thank you for giving us some helpful and current information.”

“I’ve attended lots of workshops in the past, but none of them have helped me like yours. I NAILED the interview and got the job!”

“I always have a great time in your seminars. I will continue promoting You and your seminars, because you really are the best at career planning and career coaching.”

“It is so common to go to a seminar, love it, but not be capable to implement it. Because you leave empty handed, but what I love about your seminars is your thoughtfulness to provide notes and the other additional handouts.”

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