How Society Views Us

Internal Forces

“Women are hard on themselves. Whether it be our looks, our thoughts or our performance at work, there is always something that we are not happy about and that we would change if we could.”

Don't feel confident asking for sponsors.

Don’t feel confident asking for a career path.

Fear asking for a flexible schedule.

External Forces

“It’s not KSAs, intelligence, qualifications, personality, emotional intelligence, nor empathy. It’s unfortunate that the perception is men take charge and women take care. Women are equally capable of leading and should be given an opportunity to do so.”

  • Organizational Culture (Gender competence)  

  • Discrimination, Bias and Stereotypes 

  • Access to Hot Jobs 

  • Unequal Pay 

  • Glass Cliff and Ceiling 

 Excel At WorkAnd Know Your Worth 

“Let’s Move Women Forward At Work Instead Of Holding Them Back”