I recently read “women want to lead but something is holding them back.” Let me be clear, you can be a leader in your environment without the title and/or having direct reports. Leading where you are is imperative when you’re planning to get the most out of your career also known as R.O.I. You can lead a project or perhaps you’re recognized as a subject matter expert; someone who knows a procedure or aspect of the business inside and out. Just know and remember leading is so much more than having a title or being responsible for a team.

When women were asked what training and development skills they need to help them move into leadership roles, 56% said confidence building. That number is WAY too high considering confidence is something you have 100% control over.

Here’s how a lack of confidence impacts women at work:

  1. We won’t ask for a sponsor
  2. We don’t seek out mentors
  3. We don’t ask for access to senior leadership
  4. We don’t pursue an opportunity beyond our current work experience; no stretch roles and in some instances no stretch goals
  5. We don’t have a career path
  6. We don’t ask for a promotion
  7. We don’t ask for a raise
  8. We don’t ask for a more desired role that isn’t necessarily a promotion

The good news is building your confidence isn’t as challenging as you might think. It’s a process but when you see yourself differently, you’ll begin to incorporate different actions that ultimately align with the way you see your “new and improved self.” A few of my favorite confidence building tips include:

  • Confronting your fears. Determine what’s holding you back: is it real or imagined? If your “truth” is imaginary only because you’ve made it real, now is the time to change your “truth.” Begin to replace self-limiting beliefs with powerful, affirming thoughts that shift you mentally. Raise your self-esteem, your self-worth and your level of expectation. Not only is confidence your right, you must believe you’re worth everything you say you want.
  • Learning more. Development precedes promotion so take a class or learn a new skill that benefits both you as well as your employer. Once you’ve absorbed the information, you can then begin to apply it. Ask yourself “How have I applied the information in a way that transforms processes and positively impacts my employer’s bottom line?” Free online courses are available at Click here: edx and MIT offers free access to Click here: course content
  • Celebrating your achievements means literally tracking your successes every week. It looks like this: create a folder and spend 15 min/week compiling your achievements and successes. When you begin to question whether or not you have what it takes, review your accomplishments. Also leverage the content in your folder as you revisit your resume and prepare for interviews.

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Ericka Spradley, President of My Next Level ensures ambitious professionals and students get hired. As a Career Coach, Adjunct Professor and Author (“30 Min. Career Coach: Interview Basics for High School Students”, “7 Days to Confident Interviews”), she empowers others to take their interviewing skills to the next level so they can ultimately secure employment. Ericka also provides career support/guidance for clients when she’s not working tirelessly to change the career readiness conversation and course curriculum to include interviewing skills. To download your complimentary copy of “5 Simple Strategies to Land Your Ideal Job” click here