One of my best friends called last week on behalf of a colleague soliciting feedback on her resume. This isn’t unusual considering I’m a Career Coach but I recognized she, like most other professionals make the mistake of reactively preparing for their next career move.  Reactive preparation is an oxymoron resting in the modus operandi of women who are qualified but aren’t necessarily “ready.”

Here’s what I mean by “aren’t necessarily ready”:

  • Your resume  is only updated when you’re applying for your next role
  • You sharpen your interviewing skills after displacement, termination or after you’ve applied for your next role
  • You don’t have a career strategy in place (PS- if your plan is in your head, you don’t have one)

In my latest book “Confident Career Woman: Ditch Perfection, Play Bigger and Make PowHer Moves, specifically in my PowHer Principle “No Goals, No Greatness”, I share these startling stats:

  • 40% of my surveyed clients feel stuck in their career
  • 70% are in need of a development plan
  • 80% don’t have a career strategy
  • 100% are in need of a social capital (networking) strategy

Advancing and managing your career includes the aforementioned as well as these foundational principles for career success:

  1. Update your resume monthly
  2. Interviewing skills are exceptional- ALWAYS
  3. Volunteer for stretch assignments that expand your skill set
  4. Have a mentor and a sponsor
  5. Be visible. In other words leadership should know you by name, face and results to the organization’s bottom line
  6. Document your results weekly
  7. Manage your reputation and calendar as if your career life depends on it because it does
  8. ALWAYS have a career plan meaning you can articulate your short-term and long-term goals
  9. ALWAYS know your value (where you shine as well as where you fall short)
  10. Build relationships continuously

As you consider taking your career to the next level, it’s best to ditch reactive preparation and incorporate these success principles so you make PowHer Moves with intention as well as precision.

Ericka Spradley, President of My Next Level ensures ambitious professionals and students get hired. As a Career Coach, Adjunct Professor and Author (“30 Min. Career Coach: Interview Basics for High School Students”, “7 Days to Confident Interviews”), she empowers others to take their interviewing skills to the next level so they can ultimately secure employment. Ericka also provides career support/guidance for clients when she’s not working tirelessly to change the career readiness conversation and course curriculum to include interviewing skills. To download your complimentary copy of “5 Simple Strategies to Land Your Ideal Job” [click here]