Girls Trip Ryan

After watching the movie Girls Trip two weekends in a row, I am convinced that I don’t have to “have it all together”. The lesson for me is simple: “Success doesn’t require perfection.” At the height of her career, Ryan (one of the film’s leading ladies) wore a mask adorned with a beautiful smile for the sake of upholding her brand and her image. I now recognize that it is possible to take action towards your career goals and embrace imperfection while excelling professionally. In no way am I suggesting that anyone compromise their personal life; I’m simply advocating for progress in spite of imperfection.

May I share a secret with you? You don’t have to set the bar so high that your confidence is diminished, that your values are compromised and your performance is negatively impacted all because you thought “this was a requirement for success.”  Success does not require perfection.

Unrealistic expectations are undermining the success of women in the workplace every single day and the unfortunate truth is: we place them on ourselves in a subconscious attempt to achieve the impossible. The great news is: You have the power to change the unrealistic expectations that you’ve created and/or accepted.

This week, please answer the following:

  • Monday: Is my current salary acceptable based on my short-term and long-term goals? Join me on Twitter @UplevelEricka from 12-1pm EST July 31st as I participate in Black Career Womens Network Twitter Chat: Equal Pay Day For Black Women
  • Tuesday: What is my greatest career challenge?
  • Wednesday: Do I love my job? Why or why not?
  • Thursday: In what ways have I incorporated perfectionism in my professional life (aka unrealistic expectations)?
  • Friday: Based on my answers to this week’s questions, what am I willing to do about it?

I’m here to support you and of course we can discuss what you’ve discovered in response to the aforementioned questions: (click here) Ready To Define Success On My Terms


Ryan also reminded me that “I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful and that no one has the power to shatter my dreams unless I give it to them.” It is my hope you’ll treasure these pearls of wisdom as well.

Ericka Spradley, President of My Next Level ensures ambitious professionals and students get hired. As a Career Coach, Adjunct Professor and Author (“30 Min. Career Coach: Interview Basics for High School Students”, “7 Days to Confident Interviews”), she empowers others to take their interviewing skills to the next level so they can ultimately secure employment. Ericka also provides career support/guidance for clients when she’s not working tirelessly to change the career readiness conversation and course curriculum to include interviewing skills. To download your complimentary copy of “5 Simple Strategies to Land Your Ideal Job” click here