According to McKinsey and Company, “The work women leaders are doing drives better outcomes for all employees.” The same report unfortunately states women are rising to the moment as strong leaders but their work is going unrecognized. I know the report is accurate because I’ve heard and continue to hear the same sentiments in my coaching sessions. As you prepare for your performance evaluation and consider why you haven’t been promoted, I want you to consider what’s NOT working in your favor.

It isn’t uncommon for women to:

·        support their team

·        serve as an ally, mentor or sponsor

·        invest their time, talent and energy in DEI efforts

·        help employees navigate work-life challenges while sustaining their individual performance.

It is however, common for women to think (before and during the pandemic) that their leader is fully aware of everything they do and that they will be rewarded for a job well done. This “mobility myth” is a contributing factor when you consider why your work is going unrecognized although you’ve worked extremely hard. As you prepare for your performance evaluation and position yourself to talk promotion, consider the following:

1.      solicit feedback long before you attempt to offer input on your performance outcomes; others see you in beneficial ways that you don’t see yourself

2.      understand how your socialization impacts the way you show up as well as whether or not you speak up

3.      own your ambition and your outcomes by making a list of your results

4.      mention the performance wins associated with partnerships as well as what you accomplished individually

5.      decide against downsizing your confidence

6.      choose to communicate how your productivity output aligns with performance metrics and expectations

7.      prepare from a SWOT perspective (Strengths, Weakness, Objections, Threats)

8.      assess last year’s evaluation so you can include relevant progress from the previous year

9.      stop sitting on your ask – whether that’s a raise, a promotion or something else

10.  create an agenda and define a successful conversation outcome

It’s time to stop playing when it comes to your performance and your promotion. I invite you to join me Saturday, November 6th for “The Promotion Session” if you’re ready to make PowHer Moves, excel at work and know your worth. Virtual seating is limited: click here to learn more and register


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