Where did 2021 go? I’m asking for a friend….

We’re ~ 3 weeks away from another new year and while I’m not rushing it, I definitely want you to consider your wins as well as what you can improve upon.

Please know that I, too am reflecting and that I’m considering what Philippians 4:9 states: “Whatever you have learned, put into practice.” Well, it’s not enough for me to put things into practice, experience career success only to keep the knowledge to myself. 

Because sharing is caring and tis the season, I come bearing virtual gifts in the form of 10 tips that will help you better manage your career so you can make PowHer Moves:

1. There is no success without strategy (and no, the one in your head doesn’t count!)

2. Your ambition attracts so remain self-motivated. (Yes, you can look for opportunity but there are times when opportunity should find you.)

3. Talk about what you know; ask questions and be assertive when necessary so you can seize opportunities that raise your profile.

4. Demonstrate determination and others will notice.

5. Avoid the impulse to do everything by yourself (you are a super woman but not Superwoman!)

6. Collaborate when needed and acknowledge that it’s necessary to ask for assistance sometimes. 

7. Never enter a performance conversation without your list of results, achievements and accomplishments.

8. Get comfortable saying no to others if it means saying yes to yourself.

9. Avoid overwhelm so you can intentionally focus on quality, excellence and capacity. Ask yourself “What do I need to subtract to achieve my goals?

10. Have “coffee” with someone else; briefly touch base so your social capital investments don’t suffer.

Happy holidays to you and yours!!