The “New Normal”…… I’ve heard this phrase consistently for the last 18 months or so and, I like you can attest that my world is nowhere close to being normal! I, too am attempting to manage work as well as life while navigating an ever-changing climate courtesy of the pandemic – one day at a time. Thank God for and a published an article last year about the next normal and how to make it work. However, what I’ve come to realize is that somewhere in between what used to work and what’s required for now is this space called life.

Life happens to everyone but after speaking with a client this week, I am reminded that life can also happen FOR you when we make space to consider what you should stop, start and what you should continue. When my client said “During my next session, I want to discuss your life hacks”, I was shocked! Truth be told, I have a life coaching certificate but my clients come to me for career support, advice and guidance – not life hacks! I made a list of the life hacks I’ll discuss with her during our next session, which you can find below. In the meantime, if you’d like to schedule a coaching session to discuss career, life and how to make them both work for you, feel free to schedule your appointment via my website at:

Here are my life hacks and how I’ve been able to successfully manage my “new normal”:

1. I walk for 30 min while listening to audio books (I capture notes in my phone).
2. I outsource meal prep courtesy of a chef to increase efficiency, eat healthier and curb emotional eating.
3. I prioritize sleep, play, peace and purpose. Ericka stays on the to-do list.
4. I laugh often and listen to music frequently.
5. I create goals and pursue them.
6. I unlearn to ensure I’m applying the right information during my current season. Side note: I don’t allow society to define who I am, who I should be or what works best for my life.
7. Boundaries are a non-negotiable. Self-care, learning to stop and feeling zero guilt/regret when saying no to OPA (other people’s agendas) will add years to your life.
8. “You get what you repeat” therefore commitment and consistency are close friends of mine.
9. I’m stingy with my time so I can honor what’s important. Alan Weiss said it best: “I can make more money but I can’t make another minute.”
10. I feed my faith daily and honor my values.

Until next time, create the career and life you want, play bigger and make PowHer Moves!!